Big Picture

I have mentioned in the past that I was building a brand with Inked Across Italy and that there was something bigger I was moving to. If you follow the Instagram account, you  might have noticed that all posts include the #inkedacross tag. This was something I started adding in last year as the ‘bigger picture’ started coming into view.

In addition to the @inkedacrossitaly user, I also have the @inkedacross Instagram user which follows a bunch of artists but hasn’t posted anything – yet.

As the inkedacrossitaly profile starts off with “There are great tattoo artists all over the world…” I’ve always planned on opening the project up to a much bigger scope, but was waiting until all the pieces dropped into place and most importantly, I was ready to pull the trigger. I stumbled a bit over the past six months, mainly due to a lapse in confidence in the trails I was blazing. Sometimes you just have to make the leap of faith even if it’s not a traditional path.

I’m not quite ready to pull the metaphorical curtain away, but I will let you peak. @inkedacross on Instagram will do just what @inkedacrossitaly has been doing, but on a global scale. There are some amazing artists in the U.S., Russia, Denmark, Sweden, U.K., etc. and more coming into their own every day. Inkedacross will post the latest and greatest daily. And @inkedacrossitaly will keep doing what it’s been doing, although there will be some cross-marketing between the two from time to time.

Your interest might have been piqued by the t-shirt image at the start of this post. I really dig all the tattoo-inspired apparel and believe it would be a good area to venture in with Inked Across. The design is done and I’m going to start with a short run of t-shirts. I’ve added a poll in the right column to try to gauge interest. I will be ordering t-shirts regardless, but participation in the poll will give me an idea on quantities based on interest.

Thanks and stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks