Inked Across Update

This week I posted the first few photos on Instagram from the Inked Across account. While this could have started a while ago, I needed to adjust my methodology for the broader Inked Across project.

Inked Across Italy re-posts top work from Italian artists and while I pass over some artists and pieces because I don’t feel they hit the mark, I am not overly critical.

That approach works fine when you’re following 90 artists. I’m already following nearly 200 artists on Inked Across and that number is growing every day. For that reason Inked Across will post the top work from artists all over the world and the bar by which all will be “judged” is going to be higher.

I hate using the word judged because the reality is that if I’m scrolling through hundreds of pieces I’m saving off the ones that really kick ass. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t incredible. In fact, I follow artists based on their entire portfolio. If I see consistent killer work, then I follow. At that point, Inked Across is already a fan. It just now means I have to pick the best work for a given time period of all the artists I follow.

Anyway, that’s just the Instagram piece. The website is under development and in its first rollout will provide pre-registration for artists, shops, models, and vendors. The full website will provide artist profiles and portfolios, model profiles, shop directory and profile pages, as well as vendors.

The good news is that the past challenges with Instagram’s feed changes have seemed to settle down and likes/followers are starting to pick up pace again with Inked Across Italy. For that matter, Inked Across has been doing well with nearly 50 followers and an average of 35 likes per post. This in the first week or so.

So, hopefully I can get my ass in gear and finish the code for the website. Check back here for updates.



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